We, humans, are lonely in this ever-expanding universe. Loneliness is always a part of us. Because of loneliness, we're interconnected with people and nature. Forming connections becomes our instinctive need, driving us to a better life. But we never chose to be lonely.

To make loneliness a bit easier to cope with. That's what we do.

我們存在於這個世界,總無法避免掉孤獨的內核。孤獨就像是本質,牢牢跟隨每個人的宿命。 因為孤獨,所以我們與對方有了聯繫,與世界的萬物有了聯繫,聯繫成為了我們的需求,孤獨驅使你聯繫美好如同飢餓驅使你進食。